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Clean Widgets
Clean Widgets is a collection of home screen widgets for Android phones and tablets. It contains two clocks, two battery meters, and toggles for 8 different settings (Airplane mode, auto-sync, auto-rotate, Bluetooth, brightness, flashlight, vibrate mode, and WiFi). All of the widgets have customizable colors and backgrounds, and many have other options that can be changed.
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Clean Widgets 3.6 Released
Clean Widgets has been updated to version 3.6, and is looking better than ever! Two new backgrounds have been added, Dark Translucent and Light Translucent. These very clean backgrounds will let your home screen wallpaper show through, and look great while doing it. While implementing these new backgrounds, I overhauled the...
Clean Widgets 3.5 Released
Clean Widgets has just been updated to version 3.5, bringing about some exciting changes to how your widgets look and how you create them! For starters, every widget now has a new background to choose, "Light", which is an inverted version of "Default". To go along with this, every widget...
Double Update: Phish Tabs and Clean Widgets
Two apps have just been updated, Phish Tabs and Clean Widgets, to versions 1.3 and 3.3.2 respectively. Both are relatively small but important updates. Phish Tabs 1.3 improves searching for songs. In the previous versions when you entered a search query it would do a search from the start...
Clean Widgets 3.3 released
A new update to Clean Widgets has just been released. Version 3.3 adds a new color, Yellow, to all widgets which can be colored. Clean Widgets is available on the Play Store for $1.99. If you already own Clean Widgets, enjoy this free update!...
Clean Widgets Memorial Day weekend sale
To celebrate Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, Clean Widgets is on sale through Monday. It is available on Google Play for $1.25, down from the usual price of $1.99. Happy Memorial Day!...
Clean Widgets 3.2 released
A new update to Clean Widgets has just been released. Version 3.2 adds a new color, Red, to all widgets which can be colored. In addition it removes the double-quotes surrounding a network's SSID on the Large WiFi Widget. Clean Widgets is still on sale on the Play...
Latest Updates
Fixes for Android 4.0 and below
Kit Kat Compatibility
Added Light background, added black text and icons, widget preview shows current wallpaper
Fixed bug where Airplane Mode toggle caused a crash in Android 4.3
Added Yellow color to all widgets
Added Red color to all widgets, removed double quotes around SSID on Large WiFi Widget
Improved brightness widget configuration screen layout with percentage labels, and configuration screens remember color and background appearance
Adjusted clock layouts
Full graphical overhaul, selectable backgrounds, live configuration screens, alarm on clock widget, resizable widgets in Android 3.1 or above
Fixed crash in Large Clock Widget on Android 4.1