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Starling Fall
Starling Fall
After a mysterious malfunction, you've been forced to crash-land your Starling S-197 personal spacecraft on a barren and hostile satellite. As you step out on the surface you find yourself bombarded by crystalline orbs. The orb shower could be your salvation... or your demise!
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Starling Fall now Free!
Starling Fall, version 1.5, has just been released! This brings a major change, I've reduced the price of the game from $0.99 to entirely free. I anticipate that by removing the barrier of entry we can will more players, and have a more active leaderboard and community for the...
Starling Fall 1.2 Released
The first major update to Starling Fall, version 1.2, has just been released! This version adds a whole new game mode, Avoidance, in which there are no green orbs and you must focus just on dodging purple orbs. This fun new mode comes with its own high scoreboard, and...
New App: Starling Fall
Today I am proud to announce Lionfish's very first game release: Starling Fall! I've been working hard to get this game to completion and I think you'll really enjoy it. It's an intense action arcade game, with awesome pixel art graphics and a wonderful chip-tune soundtrack by my friend...
Latest Updates
Game is now free to play
Added chance to sign in and submit score on Game Over screen
Added Avoidance game mode, 5 new achievements
Fixed log-in attempt on every visit to title screen, added horizon glow